Entry 21-284 | Austria South Africa | 2020 | 52’ | Language: English | Subtitles: Estonian

Leopard Legacy

Leopardi pärand

Filmed over more than three years, filmmakers Will and Lianne Steenkamp share yet another incredible true wildlife story. Living along the banks of the Luangwa, they closely followed a courageous, devoted mother leopard and her two newborn cubs as they each faced their own challenges in the African wilderness. From life-threatening encounters with hyenas, baboons and other leopards, to the remarkable triumphs of their most spectacular and unique hunts, and the unexpected losses that bring tragedy to their lives - the two generations of leopards bring a real, intimate story of what truly happens in the fascinating life of such a gracious, elusive big cat.

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Will Steenkamp, Lianne Steenkamp
Lianne Steenkamp
Alan Miller B.F.E.
Roman Kariolou, Johannes Ratheiser
Will Steenkamp, Kurt Mayer
Production Company
Into Nature Productions & Kurt Mayer Film e.u.
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Best Editing
"Leopard Legacy’s" edit was on point - sound design and music well balanced. Throughout the film there were many gems hidden inside the edit. For example the close-up sequence of the leopard's paw when walking and the next shot was the crane's leg. Also the seamless transition between two shots of the river raised the value of the edit.

Special Mention
In addition to superb storytelling and editing we point out masterful cinematography, especially moving shots of wildlife filmed with a zoom lens on a gimbal.

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