Photo Programme

SATURDAY, 18th of September

Lihula Manor

11:00 Urmas Tartes: “How to tell honest lies?”
A photograph has been the criterion of truth from the outset. The camera has been deemed a device that
captures objects in their true state. However, even an authentic image does not necessarily tell the story
in its entirety. The information captured in a photo depends on both the photographer and the viewer. It
is possible to mislead the viewer even with an authentic image. What is the subjective truth of an
objective photo?

12:30 Péter Fath: “30 years in nature photography”
This year marks the 30th anniversary of the NaturArt Hungarian Association of Nature Photographers.
For 29 years, we have been organizing the “Nature Photographer of the Year” competition in Hungary,
which has become the most important nature photography competition in the Central European region.
During this time, we have produced countless good and even world-famous images. I will give you a
taste of these in the main part of my presentation. In the smaller part, I will present a photographic
project of mine titled “Our Guests”.

14:00 Martha Katariina Luigujõe: “My summer with natterjack toads”
This summer, Martha lived for four months at the Matsalu Rehabilitation Centre for endangered
species and helped the spawn of natterjack toads become thousands of small toads. The work provided
an opportunity to capture on camera the extraordinary process of the growing of natterjacks. Martha
will speak about her summer’s work with the toads and show photos and video clips.

CANCELLED – 15:30 Johannes Lõhmus: “How to teach sustainable development thinking with the help of
nature films in general education schools?”

Could Estonian documentaries play a greater role in our education system, to help teachers raise topics
and give real-life examples, which may not be effective when written and read in a book? Johannes
Lõhmus introduces educational material on environmental and sustainable development created for the
film “Konnade tee” and asks which other films and stories could be used to raise young Estonians who
care about the environment and think sustainably. At the seminar, educational material created for
Estonian nature films will be presented, which could bring nature films and Estonian nature closer to
students and teachers.
Unfortunately, the 15:30 talk by Johannes Lõhmus is cancelled due to the talker falling ill. 


Exhibitions at Matsalu Nature Film Festival 2021


A selection of “The most beautiful nature photos of Hungary in 30 years”
In Lihula Manor (Wed–Sat 12–18)
The exhibition reached the festival in cooperation with the Liszt Institute and NaturArt, an
association of Hungarian Nature Photographers.

“The Western Coast” by Haapsalu Photo Club
In Lihula Cultural Centre

Bloodless Hunt 2020
In Penijõe Manor
A selection of the best photos of the photo competition held last year

“Suspended Moments, from the Golden Duck to Sunrise” by Ennu Põldma
In Penijõe Manor

“My Matsalu” by Heiko Kruusi
In Lihula Konsum Café

“Engravings with Light” by Jaan Künnap
In Sakste Maja Café


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