Entry 23-1217 | Estonia | 2022 | 44’ | Language: English Russian Estonian | Subtitles: English

The Slumber of Soomaa

Soomaa Uni

To save and support the unique ancient Finno-Ugric tradition! This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Young restorer Darja and her teacher Aivar Ruukel are trying to build “lootsik” – the dugout boat, which is also an ancient symbol of the Soomaa National Park. Aivar Ruukel learned his trade from the last masters and wants to preserve this skill for the local community and future generations. Hard work awaits the master and his assistant. The boat must be made for the “fifth season” in Soomaa, which is a unique natural phenomenon.


Jevgeni Zavadski
Polina Linovitskaja, Artemi Sintsov
Polina Linovitskaja
Evgeny Zavadskiy
Production Company
FIE Evgeny Zavadskiy
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