Entry 23-894 | France | 2023 | 49’ | Language: English |

Planet Killers: The Prince of Carbon

Planeedi hävitajad: Süsinikuprints

Filmteam have been granted exclusive access to the environmental crime unit of Interpol. This film is the inside story on the hunt for Cyril Astruc, the “Prince of Carbon”. Cyril Astruc has been a fugitive from justice for nearly ten years, on the run from both the French authorities and Interpol. He has an international arrest warrant for fraud and money laundering. The so-called “Prince of Carbon” masterminded a huge carbon quota fraud, which misappropriated five billion Euros from European state coffers. This money had been earmarked to fight climate change and CO2 emissions, and the fraud meant that the carbon exchange system no longer had any effect in ecological terms.


Martin Boudot
Mathias Denizo
Franck Zahler
The French Kids
Luc Hermann
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Premières Lignes Production
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