Entry 23-517 | Iran | 2022 | 47’ | Language: Persian | Subtitles: English

Drops Give Life

Eluandvad tilgad

Masht Hussein is a rancher, a reasonable human being who has a standard and intimate relationship with his family and friends, he has a great deal of respect for nature that he lived his life in and he loves animals. For more than thirty years, kindly and without any help, every day he has been walking several kilometres through impassable highlands to water the thirsty animals and birds in the area where drought and aridity have made living difficult for animals. At the beginning of the path Masht Hussein carries the water with a pack animal to the steep slope of the mountain; since after that the animal is unable to proceed, he carries the bucket of water and covers the rest of the difficult road, embedding water in nature and managing water according to what he has experienced in nature. So in high and dry mountains, almost a habitat of three thousand hectares has been covered by his activity. The area that he covers is much richer in terms of animal species and the number of animals compared to the surrounding habitats that have been severely damaged by drought and aridity. You can feel life in the area under his care. At the end of the difficult path and doing an arduous task, Masht Hussein is tired yet happy, when he sees birds and animals drinking water, he watches them drink water and enjoys it.

Original title: قطره ها جان می بخشند


Farshi Azari
Farshi Azari
Farshi Azari
Farshi Azari
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FarAzari Production
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