Entry 23-1115 | France | 2023 | 87’ | Language: Mongolian | Subtitles: English Estonian

Mongolia, Valley of the Bears

Mongoolia, Karude org

In Mongolia, its primary forests and pure waters have kept an entire population nomadic on its lands for thousands of years. But for more than 30 years, the rich natural resources of these Mongolian lands have fallen prey to illegal hunters and miners, often from the local population. In just a few years, the country has witnessed an alarming collapse of its biodiversity. Faced with this worrying situation, the Mongolian Ministry of Environment created the "Red Taiga" Park in 2012, at the head of which it appointed ranger Jal Tumursukh. The mission of this former local hunter is now to enforce the law of environmental protection, whose objective is to put an end to illegal mining, but also to traditional practices of hunting and nomadism. A very delicate mission for a just cause to which the chief ranger is trying to rally more and more forest guards from the disgruntled local communities.

Original title: Mongolie, La Vallée Des Ours


Hamid Sardar
Hamid Sardar
Hamid Sardar
Piers Faccini
Muriel Barra, Jean Jacques Torre, Antoine Gannac
Production Company
Lato Sensu
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Special Jury Prize
A good documentary in its truest sense. The film has many strong emotions and unexpected twists. It has a good main character, who stands with great passion for the wilderness of his homeland, fighting against illegal activity and seeking balance between different opinions.

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