Entry 23-69 | South Africa | 2022 | 50’ | Language: English |

Tangled In The Tides

Loodetes põimunud

The air is thick and humid in the tropical forests of Mexico's Pacific coastal lowland. Woven into the landscape, a resilient Red Mangrove tree conquers the elements in a world repeatedly drowned by the tides. At 40 meters, this defiant survivor is among the tallest of its kind. Its tangled root system is a magical realm that provides shelter and food to an array of species, from fish, crabs and crocodiles, to some of Mexico's most exotic birds and mammals. In essence, the gnarled and robust Red Mangrove tree is a wild ecosystem inhabited by an assortment of creatures - a metropolis for wildlife.


Barend van der Watt
Barend van der Watt, Henk Ekermans
Henk Ekermans
Antoni Schonken
Barend van der Watt
Production Company
Rooted Media
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