Entry 23-68 | South Africa | 2022 | 50’ | Language: English | Subtitles: Estonian

A Hard Nut To Crack

Kõva pähkel pureda

In the dark recesses of the Peruvian rain-forest stands an unwavering Brazil nut tree - a titan among trees. For it to reproduce, this awe-inspiring pillar of strength relies on a series of intricate relationships with animals and insects found only in the wild. Only one critter has teeth strong enough to crack open the tree's tough fruit - the Agouti. For its survival, the Brazil nut relies on this tenacous rodent to disperse its seeds throughout the Amazon. While carpenter bees are the only insects strong enough to open and pollenate the tree's flowers. And these are just two of the Brazil nut's many allies. Without this incredible tree, many species will go extinct.


Barend Van der Watt
Barend van der Watt, Henk Ekermans
Henk Ekermans
Antoni Schonken
Barend van der Watt
Production Company
Rooted Media
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