Entry 23-1035 | Estonia | 2023 | 28’ | Language: Estonian | Subtitles: English

Feathers or Glamour

Suled või glamuur

With the beginning of the first corona wave in 2020, Estonia was hit by the real chicken boom. The apocalyptic tendencies in the air lead hundreds of people living in towns to start growing their own vegetables and keep chicken in backyards. For coreographer Veronika chicken stands for a glamourous companion with whom she can go to work and use in art projects as a nice decorative thing. Veronika calls herself “The Chicken Queen” and rides her pink vintage bike through Kopli district with the intention to insist neighbours to start keeping chicken as well. An anthropologist Tanel calls all his five chicken by human names and for him the birds are funny friends with whom he can make all kind of tricks - hypnotize them, make them swing on a chicken swing and teach them playing xylophone. Also is he interested of the very strict social hierarchy of chicken and likes to analyze the “school bullying” amongst chicken. For Mindi a chicken is a best friend with whom to lay down on sofa together in the evening and share her life, whom to pet and comb, sew diapers and build a special chicken house in the cellar. Mindi also knows a bit of a chicken language. The style of “Feathers or glamour” is mainly observational, although there will be 2-3 directed scenes. We depict the life a chicken in town - the beauty and glamour but also the dark sides of it - walking with chicken harness, living in a cage and wearing diapers.


Eva Kübar
Simmo Saska
Nele Aunap
Alvar Reinumägi
Production Company
Moonwalker Film
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