Entry 23-786 | Austria | 2023 | 52’ | Language: English |

American Ocelot

Ameerika otselot

American Ocelot chronicles the sad history, precarious present, and optimistic future for the United States’ most endangered wild cat. Wildlife filmmaker Ben Masters ventures out to document these rare and elusive animals while meeting with experts along the way to get a better understanding of the species’ history, challenges, and conservation status. With fewer than 80 known ocelots remaining in the US, the stakes are high for their survival, which is threatened by inbreeding depression, habitat fragmentation, and the inability of various interest groups to find common ground. But there is hope for a bright future! American Ocelot is a documentary of international importance that showcases the dire need to save this species, and presents potential solutions and reasons for hope for their future.


Ben Masters
Austin Alvarado, Skip Hobbie, Ben Masters, Ryan Olinger, Patrick Thrash, Shannon Vandivier
Shannon Vandivier, Sam Klatt
Noah Sorota
Ben Masters, Katy Baldock
Production Company
A production of FIN AND FUR FILMS PRODUCTIONS, LLC and THE WNET GROUP in co-production with TERRA MATER STUDIOS in association with PBS and CPB
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