Entry 23-865 | Germany | 2022 | 45’ | Language: German | Subtitles: English

Cucurrucu - The Pigeon Rescuers

Cucurrucu - Tuvide päästjad

Pigeons in cities are considered a plague by many, often just because of their sheer numbers - their plight is thus often overlooked. Lis, Sven, and Eleonora want to help change the animal's perception. The three are volunteer members of the Pigeon Rescue Network in Hanover, Germany. Their work includes rescuing injured pigeons in the city, providing medical treatments, and fostering. Because of the general aversion towards pigeons, the rescuers are often met with prejudices, incomprehension, and hostility. In addition, the reproduction speed of city pigeons and the number of animals in need demand increasingly more resources, time, and dedication - the rescuer’s effort seems futile, but there are few other options than to continue.

Original title: Cucurrucu - Die Taubenretter


Lâm, Nguyễn Tiến
Lâm, Nguyễn Tiến
Lâm, Nguyễn Tiến
Johann Sebastian Bach, Jan Felix Bergmann
Lâm, Nguyễn Tiến
Production Company
Flusskiesel Studio
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