Entry 23-836 | Belgium | 2022 | 66’ | Language: English Dutch | Subtitles: Estonian

New Pigs on the Block

Uued kärsad

Luc, Mia and Anja are pigs. They live on a piece of no man's land between a railway and a small parking lot on the edge of the city. They are the protagonists of a neighborhood project in which they are fed surplus food by a group of volunteers. At first, this appears to be an earthly paradise for pigs, where they receive human affection and where good food abounds. But their peaceful existence is increasingly disturbed by the world around them. As summer gradually turns into autumn, their pastures are falling into disrepair and the hierarchy between the pigs is becoming more and more grim.


Jimmy Kets
Jimmy Kets
Febe Simoens & Jimmy Kets
Ruben Machtelinckx
Jurgen Buedts
Production Company
LAs Belgas
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Grand Prix
An exquisitely crafted story in which we, as the human and viewer, are forced to question our relation with animals whether they be wild or domestic. The films balance is achieved through a mastery of its form; it’s sound design, cinematography, and storytelling are outstanding. Despite the lack of a human narrator, the story is provocative, and through the animals perspective perhaps we learn something about ourselves.

Best Director
A masterpiece of author cinema that offers the viewers a true artistic and emotionally touching experience. It shakes our world view and in addition to the animals the film tells a lot about us. It is a big story shot in a limited space.

Sunly Special Prize
Grant of 1000 Euros from Sunly

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