Entry 23-1075 | Germany | 2023 | 50’ | Language: English |

The Dark Side of Bright Nights

Valgete ööde tumedam pool

When light pollution causes the night to disappear, a fundamental clock for life on earth is thrown out of balance. Animals and plants are threatened by artificial light. Many organisms have found their evolutionary niche in the dark of night and must now adapt to brighter nights. Some succeed, but for many the brightness becomes a death trap - and causes species to diminish. What solutions is science finding to this problem?

Original title: Licht aus - Wie Kunstlicht die Natur verändert


Tim Visser, Sander van Iersel
Tim Visser, Sander van Iersel
Armin Riegel
Annette Scheurich
Production Company
Marco Polo Film AG
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