Entry 23-113 | France | 2022 | 52’ | Language: English |

Return of the Vultures

Raisakotkaste tagasitulek

For centuries, vultures have suffered from a terrible reputation and have been persecuted and exterminated. Today these majestic birds have made a remarkable comeback in Europe’s mountains and they are now considered an important part of the eco system. For an entire year, we filmed in the magnificent Grands Causses Park in Provence in southern France. This natural sanctuary of 3200 square kilometers is home to four of Europe’s largest species of birds: the Bearded, the Egyptian, the Black and the Griffon Vulture. We follow the intimacy of four families of vultures during an entire breeding season, as young vultures find their mate, start a family, protect their offspring from their enemies, withstand the elements and prepare their chicks for the ultimate trial: the first flight. An incredible coming of age story shot over four seasons and that will change the viewers’ perception of the vulture.

Original title: Le Temps des Vautours


Emmanuel Rondeau
Emmanuel Rondeau
Stéphanie Goldschmidt
Pierre Demange
Samuel Kissous, and Fabrice Frank
Production Company
Pernel Media
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