Entry 23-150 | Germany | 2022 | 52’ | Language: English | Subtitles: Estonian

A Rhino's Life

Ninasarviku elu

The shock of very first raindrops on a baby rhino's skin; horns, that may either be tender or inflict serious pain. Droughts, predators, mating acrobatics - a rhino's life is as full of surprises as it is rich with deep social bonds from the start. So is the close relationship between Malaika and her son Elias. For years, the two of them are inseparable. But Malaika is pregnant. When she finally goes into labor, nothing is the same anymore.

Original title: Nashoerner - Mit Herz und Horn


Rosie Koch and Roland Gockel
Roland Gockel
Karen Tonne
Sebastian Schmidt
Tom Synnatzschke
Production Company
Nona Naturedocx
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Special Mention
An accomplished and beautifully crafted portrait of the surprisingly gentle side of one of our planets most threatened iconic species. Here we learn that big does not have to mean clumsy.

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