Entry 23-82 | Netherlands | 2022 | 90’ | Language: English Dutch | Subtitles: Estonian



WOLF showcases unique footage of the wolf in the wild, giving an intimate insight into the real life of this wonderful animal, its strong family bonds, its positive influence on biodiversity and how remarkably similar they are to ‘man’s best friend’.

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Cees van Kempen
Cees van Kempen and Lennert Piltz
Alan Miller
Matthijs Kieboom
Cees van Kempen and Sander Emmering
Production Company
Ispida Wildlife Productions
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Best Editing
A film that artfully combines music and the moving image to create an immersive and captivating cinematic experience. The rhythm of the storytelling balances both the beautiful orchestral score and the films cinematography, leaving space for their interplay. The film opens up the possibilities of sharing living space between an animal considered dangerous, and a human.

Ministry of Climate Special Prize

Best Cinematography
The cinematographers have lensed the story in a manner that is consistently artistic, technically excellent, and that remains faithful to its subject matter.

Narma Special Prize
Grant of 1000 Euros from Narma

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