Entry 22-776 | Finland | 2022 | 29’ | Language: Finnish | Subtitles: English Estonian

Legacy of a Legend

Legendi pärand

Hannu Hautala is a pioneer in nature photography and a controversial role model who became an international success. Now he talks intimately about his career and death. In magical filming sessions at Hautala's home in Kuusamo, his own classic photos danced with his bare skin. The filmmakers fulfill Hautala's devout wish and take him once again to the forest to take his last eagle pictures. But is nature photography art? What is their significance in this time: are they always on the side of nature conservation? What would we know about nature without pictures - nature pictures can save the world!


Juha Metso
Juha Metso
Mika Rokka
Juha Metso, Mika Rokka
Production Company
Banja Media Oy
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