Entry 22-916 | South Korea | 2022 | 28’ | Language: Korean | Subtitles: English

Water Celery

Jaava vesiputk

In the purple dawn, there is a water celery stall in the corner of a quiet road with no one comes and goes. Among them a woman with her gray hair tied high, yellow rubber boots on her feet and tied up with a large green apron. A black rubber tub is held between the hips of both sides and enters the water celery field just behind it. This is how the day of the stall keeper, who remained the last one stall in Eonyang-eupseong walled town, begins. The camera stops in front of her, who could pass by, and watches closely at the noble work scene.

Original title: 꽝


Yu So-young
Yu So-young, Kim Dong-jin
Yu So-young
Kim Dong-jin
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