Entry 22-734 | Argentina | 2022 | 61’ | Language: Spanish | Subtitles: English



A photographer approaches the Delta to take a series of portraits of the islanders. Hand in hand with one of them, little by little, he makes his way into the population and internalizes the fight they carried out a few years ago against a mega-housing enterprise that tried to destroy them, their houses, their jobs and their lifestyle. During his stay there, sharpening his gaze, he goes deeper into the conflict and internalizes it as he continues in his portraits, adding gazes that are not only social, but also environmental and political, human, in the sentimental in the day to day of that forgotten and punished population. In this follow-up, the documentary opens many doors that allow to know in detail the problems suffered and their current state, not only to know the open wounds, but also to transcend their resistance and their fight for permanence.

Original title: Nido


Miguel Angel Baratta
Nahuel Srnec
Karina Exposito
Matis Chapiro
Carolina Fernandez
Production Company
Salamanca Cine
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