Entry 22-638 | Austria | 2021 | 52’ | Language: English |

Critical Kingdoms - Stories of Hope - Ep 2: Indonesia

Lootuse lood - Indoneesia

Rainforests on the island of Borneo are under extreme threat from deforestation, mainly from the palm oil industry. As palm oil farming endangers the habitats of the gibbon, Chanee Kalaweit fights for their survival. He has established a rescue center for injured animals, and started broadcasting success stories, calls for help and pop music in a spectacular mix via his own Borneo-based radio station, Radio Kalaweit. The Indonesian Island of Sulawesi is home to another endangered species, the Black Crested Macaque. Having endured centuries of deforestation and hunting, the last few thousand macaques now live in the protected area of Tangkoko National Park. Even so, they’re still being poached for their meat, a longstanding local delicacy. But a new generation of native conservationists, like Reyni Palohonen, have started raising awareness of the macaques’ plight among the local people, getting them to rethink their dietary traditions. Under the sea, Manta Rays were over-hunted for their gills to supply the black market in China. Dolphins have been captured as circus entertainment. Sarah Lewis of the Indonesian Manta Project and Femke den Haas, a Dutch activist, are both fighting for these animals’ return to the oceans.


Max Serio, Radek Houska
Pelani Muhamad, Errol Vaes, Luca Vaime, Lahuka Film Company
Radek Houska, Christian Stoppacher
Benjamin Sturley
Birgit Peters, Sabine Holzer
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A production of Terra Mater Factual Studios produced by KM Plus Media and Picasso Film
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