Entry 22-426 | Iran | 2021 | 61’ | Language: Persian | Subtitles: English

The Price of seeing a Show

Delfiinietenduse hind

There are still a lot of dolphinariums and dolphin parks around the world, though animal rights advocates have spent a long time to ban the circuses with animals. In dolphinariums marine mammals are separated from their families, causing them to develop some form of depression. Marine mammals in these centers are subjected to intense physical, nutritional, and psychological pressure to learn the shows they are about to perform. Life expectancy for dolphins in artificial habitats is very low, and they are at risk of extinction due to stress and skin diseases caused by the presence of chlorine in the water. This cycle and the great mafia will continue to exist as long as there is a demand for tickets for these carnivals by the people.

Original title: Bahaye Didane Yek Namayesh


Mehdi Ghazanfari
Mehdi Ghazanfari
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Hadi Ghazanfari
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