Entry 22-395 | Denmark | 2021 | 29’ | Language: No Dialogue |

Reaching the Birds

Lindudele lähemale

Birds were always there, but always at a distance. Grounded on earth, small groups of humans search and examine. Each with their own unique and specialized techniques in the attempt of bringing the volatile creatures closer. In the structure of one day, we follow different sets of people interacting with birds. We pay attention to a scouting group of young enthusiasts and their nets, binoculars, telescopes, calm figures on the lookout. We also follow the meticulous procedures of taxidermy – the rinsing, sewing and general care of carcasses – as well as the strict, epistemological measuring of caught birds, noting travelled distance, size and weight with precise methods.

Original title: Nærmere Fuglene


David Krøyer
David Krøyer
David Krøyer
David Krøyer
David Krøyer
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