Entry 22-128 | Spain | 2022 | 87’ | Language: English |

Extremadura. A Natural Paradise in Europe

Extremadura loodusparadiis

The film will travel from the dense forests of the north, furrowed by violent torrents, to the vast steppe plains of the south where the bustard performs its amazing nuptial dance. It will take us to know an incredible mosaic of habitats and different ecosystems that enrich the wildest nature of Extremadura, the region of Western Europe with the highest percentage of areas of ornithological interest and with a third of its territory protected environmentally. And that has the largest extension in the world of an extraordinary ecosystem: the dehesa. It is because of the diversity of species that it hosts and because since time immemorial it is a unique environment where the natural and the cultural coexist, complementing each other, in harmony. It will be a trip with unique companions, some unique on the planet, such as the Iberian imperial eagle or the Iberian lynx; others so rare that they are in serious danger of extinction such as the black vulture or the black stork. We will enter spaces full of magic, works of art of Nature, like Monfragüe, an unparalleled natural environment because it hosts the largest and best-preserved patch of Mediterranean forest in the world, the world's largest concentration of birds associated with this type of forest and has been recognized by UNESCO as a Reserve of the Biosphere. Sierras, meadows, lagoons, forests, rivers, steppes... Extremadura is living land. Extremadura is the natural paradise of Europe.

Original title: Extremadura Paraiso Natural de Europa


Carlos Pérez Romero
Carlos Pérez Romero
Carlos Pérez Romero
Miguel Ángel Gragera
Carlos Pérez Romero
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1080 Wildlife Productions
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