Entry 22-979 | India | 2022 | 74’ | Language: English | Subtitles: English

Colonies in Conflict

Kolooniate konflikt

“Colonies in Conflict” is a feature documentary that examines the state of wild bees in a fast-developing Indian landscape. In a first ever, migratory honeybees Apis dorsata (Rockbees) – native to South Asia – have been filmed extensively over various landscapes. Alarmed by reports warning about an insect apocalypse, filmmaker Rajani Mani is concerned about the way in India honeybee hives are often sprayed with pesticides exterminating the entire colony. And thus begins her journey of exploration – learning about wild bees and what is killing them. The film asks the critical question, if in the future these wild bees disappear entirely what would it mean to the farmer, the forest, and to the future generations of humans? The filmmaker discovers that we have very little time to reverse the catastrophe we started, but every species stopped from extinction would help hedge our bets in an uncertain future.


Rajani Mani
Debashish Nandi
Rajani Mani
Aditya Ray
Bipin Nair, Axel Brockmann
Production Company
Elephant Corridor Films
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