Entry 22-632 | Austria | 2021 | 52’ | Language: English Indonesian | Subtitles: English

Eyes of the Orangutan

Orangutani silmad

Wildlife Tourism is a multi billion-dollar global industry. However, these profits don’t come without costs. In front of our eyes, and behind closed doors, lie stories of abuse and cruelty. This is the first in-depth investigation into orangutan tourism, a journey into the dark heart of Amusement Parks, zoos, and ‘protected’ rainforests. Orangutans might be star attractions here, but at what cost to the animal?


Chris Scarffe, Will Foster-Grundy
Will Foster-Grundy
Damian Antochewicz
Joerg Magnus Pfeil, Siggi Mueller
Aaron Gekoski, Susanne Lummer, Sabine Holzer
Production Company
A Terra Mater Factual Studios / Chris Scarffe Film and Photography production
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