Entry 22-642 | Austria | 2021 | 51’ | Language: English |

Secrets in the Scat


You are about to embark on an unusual journey, filled with - dare we say it - wild animal do-do, dung, poop. We call it scat. Wildlife biologist Dr Scott Burnett, aka Scat Man, will be your guide. You’ll get to see some pretty extraordinary scat shapes, textures and sizes without having to sniff it; meet the wild animals responsible for these wonderful gifts; and follow scientists as they dig deep to unravel the mysteries of nature. Find out why the thing you thought was most disgusting is as valuable as gold!


Ruth Berry
Nick Hayward, Bernhard Popovich, Praveen Singh, Luke Cameron, Simon Enderby
Christian Stoppacher
Barnaby Taylor
Susanne Lummer, Sabine Holzer
Production Company
A co-production of Terra Mater Studios and WGBH/NOVA in association with ARTE France
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