Entry 22-578 | Germany | 2021 | 95’ | Language: English |

Ode to Nature

Ood loodusele

"Ode to Nature" is a visually stunning journey through the nature of Germany, from the mountains and alpine pastures in the south to the coasts and the depths of the North and Baltic Seas. In between is a cinematic foray through steaming forests and shimmering moors, over rose-blossoming heaths and through the colorful cultural landscape surrounding villages and towns. The film shows these habitats from their most beautiful side, introduces well-known as well as unknown species and describes their dependence on the respective habitat. The film also reveals conservation problems and critically describes the current state of the environment on our doorstep. "Ode to Nature" leaves the viewer with enchanting and surprising views of our own environment and with the realization that it is not too late to preserve and restore our natural world.

Original title: Heimat Natur


Jan Haft
Kay Ziesenhenne, Alexandra Sailer, Jonas Blaha, Jonathan Wirth, Steffen Sailer, Jan Haft
Eva Becker, Jan Haft
Dominik Eulberg, Sebastian Schmidt
Melanie Haft
Production Company
nautilusfilm GmbH
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