Entry 22-409 | Germany | 2020 | 90’ | Language: Russian | Subtitles: English

Beyond The White

Teisel pool Valget

Beyond the polar circle in Northern Russia, a few dozen people still live in their traditional houses surrounded by water, stone and sand. Nature provides for them, mainly the White sea. Cut off from vital infrastructure, almost forgotten by regional governance, these people have to cope with their everyday struggle and live in accordance with the raw forces of nature. Their hamlets seem to head toward the fate of so many other villages all over Russia: a slow but inevitable extinction.


Evgeny Kalachikhin
Aleksandra Medianikova
Evgeny Kalachikhin, Nina Bärmann (BFS), Alexey Prokhorov
Dilyara Gabitova
Nina Bärmann
Production Company
Nina Bärmann
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