Entry 22-1110 | France | 2021 | 52’ | Language: English French | Subtitles: English

Africa, GMOs and The Gates Foundation

Aafrika, GMOd ja Bill Gates

Across Africa, lobbyists, philanthropists and businessmen are working to open up the continent to GMO food. They argue that GMOs can provide a miracle solution to two of Africa’s biggest problems: famine and malaria. The main promoters is Bill Gates, now the head of the most powerful philanthropic foundation in history. This film reveals how the Gates Foundation became the main funder of genetic experiments underway on the continent and investigates the possible repercussions of their actions.

Original title: L'Afrique, les OGm et Bill Gates


Jean-Baptiste Renaud
Pascal Kardous, Etienne Huver, Jean-Baptiste Renaud, Laure van Ruymbeke, Boris Heger
Roman Vitiello, Quentin Eiden, Myriam Milent
Nicolas Baby
Marina Ladous, Etienne Huver
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