Entry 22-1109 | France | 2021 | 52’ | Language: English French Italian | Subtitles: English

Food Fraud: An Organised Crime

Toidupettus: Organiseeritud kuritegevus

Horse-meat labelled as beef. Honey diluted with cheap sugar syrups. Counterfeit extra-virgin olive oil. Food crime is a multi-billion dollar industry affecting everything from the cheapest to most expensive ingredient. 10% of what we eat is thought to be adulterated. “What we know for sure is that food fraud is growing exponentially and it’s more and more worrying,” states one consumer advocate. In this investigation, we follow the food fraud brigades and reveal how little we know about what we’re eating. From the olive groves of Italy to the fish markets of France and the abattoirs of Poland, this film takes you on a culinary journey of a very different kind. A global investigation into the counterfeit food industry.

Original title: Fraude Alimentaire: Un Crime Organisé


Bénédicte Delfaut
Hervé Glabeck, Christophe Trarieux, Tom Vantorre
Fabrice Salinie
Julien Deguines
Anne Labro
Production Company
Tangerine Productions
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