Entry 22-1107 | France | 2022 | 55’ | Language: English Spanish | Subtitles: English

USA: Climate Wars

USA kliimasõjad

In the United States, temperatures are breaking all records. Last summer in California, temperatures reached almost 60° in some areas. The rain no longer falls, water is scarce and fires ravage the entire west of the state every year. But despite this, many Americans continue living as if nothing is happening. According to one poll, 56% of Republican voters do not believe in global warming and talk of climate change deeply divides the country. And, as always, the poor pay the highest price.

Original title: États-Unis: la Guerre du Climat a Commencé


Ibar Aibar & Fanny Chauvin
Ibar Aibar, Fanny Chauvin, Adrien Rappoport
Hélène Amétis
Chloé Vigourt & William Zarour
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Nova Prod
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