Entry 22-428 | France | 2021 | 53’ | Language: English French | Subtitles: Estonian

Black and White Big Cats

Suured mustvalged kassid

This documentary immerses us alongside French photographer Laurent Baheux, in the heart of the African bush, chasing three fascinating felines. The lion, king of the savannah, powerful, majestic and vulnerable at the same time. The graceful cheetah, so quick but so fragile. The leopard, a silent and ghostly predator. All around, a delicate and threatened nature. Laurent is ready to seize what it has to offer him, he expects nothing in particular, always humble in his relationship with animals. He captures the beauty of the moment, the play of lights, the harmony of the scenes.

Original title: Félins Noir sur Blanc


Mathieu Le Lay
Mathieu Le Lay
Mathieu Le Lay
Franck Zaragoza - Ocoeur
Alexandre Soullier and Didier Julia
Production Company
Bonne Pioche Télévision
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