Entry 22-798 | Serbia | 2021 | 77’ | Language: Serbian | Subtitles: English Estonian

Life of a Mutt

Krantsi elu

“Life of a mutt” tells true, intimate and authentic stories from the perspective of stray dogs. Combining documentary material with hand drawn animation and voice over, we are crossing between genres and forms of documentary, fiction and animation, giving our silent heroes a voice. The inspiration comes from ancient Indian, Russian, and British stories. Combining seven destinies/scenes in one life story- from birth to a birth again, we witness their dignifying fight for survival.

Original title: Prizori iz Života Džukca


Tanja Brzaković
Boško Djordjevic, Aleksandar Kalezic, Tanja Brzakovic
Jelena Bosanac, Srdjan Mitrovic, Branka Pavovic, Irena Domazetovic, Mina Nenadovic
Janja Loncar
Nebojsa Miljkovic
Production Company
Talas Film
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Best Editing
Jury: An emotional film that challenges the definition of nature and human-animal co-dependence. Combining candid documentary material with playful hand-drawn animation and voiceover, the film crosses between genres, resulting in a kaleidoscopic story that is neatly pieced together. The film gives stray dogs a voice that so closely resonates with our deepest existential questions. Lost between urban and rural abandoned spaces, where they are close to humans, but far enough not to annoy them, the dogs in this film act out a dignifying fight for survival and belonging.

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