Entry 22-813 | France | 2021 | 35’ | Language: French | Subtitles: English Estonian

The Door was Open

Uks oli avatud

Places evolve endlessly. They are alternatively lairs, shelters, factories or homes. In this man-made environment, abandoned and left on its own, from now on one can hear birds whistling.

Original title: La Porte Était Ouverte


Olivier Marin
Malia Chaton
Léonie Hébrard
Simon K Blonde
Léonie Hébrard
Production Company
Les Amis de l'IFFCAM
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Special Jury Prize
Jury: This film was immediately recognised as a standout film. It was a very interesting look at how wildlife can embrace man-made landscapes as their home, but they are not safe even there. So it is like a double loss, first being pushed out of their natural habitat to make room for an artificial landscape, and then when humans desert it, the wildlife comes back and adjusts to the change, but then humans interfere again, tearing it all down, so the cycle has to start over. We loved the mix of animation, showing the ghostly past, mixed with minimal but powerful snippets of narration, but the story largely carried forward by the images, telling their own story, helped in no small amount by subtle, appropriate music and natural sounds. We all strongly felt that this film deserved to be recognised as a wonderful, well done and refreshingly unique film.

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