Entry 22-106 | Sweden | 2021 | 95’ | Language: Swedish | Subtitles: English Estonian

About the Forest


Sweden has transformed more than 90% of its primeval forests and wilderness into tree plantations, and now the felling of the last stands of unprotected old-growth forests continues. How can we use the forest without consuming it?

Original title: Om skogen


Peter Magnusson
Peter Magnusson
Peter Magnusson
Roll the dice
Ewa Cederstam
Production Company
Helion film AB
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Special Mention
Jury: This is a film on a topic that is also very current here in Estonia, where the situation is the same as the one featured in the film "About the Forest". The faults of global industrial forestry and timber processing manifest themselves in a similar manner throughout the world. Suffering is left to the locals - forest ecosystems, animals that depend on them, humans included, not to mention seemingly less charismatic species such as mushrooms in the soil.

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