Entry 22-1115 | Estonia | 2022 | 51’ | Language: Estonian | Subtitles: English

The Great Swamp

Suur soo

Vello moved to the farthest swamp island of Emajõe-Suursoo 30 years ago. He left his previous labor life and the city to live in harmony with the mother of nature. There is still such a nature in Emajõe-Suursoo that is vanishing from the rest of the world. The vast delta allows the species to live on its own, without much human intervention, even though man has been seeking refuge and food supplements in the swamp for thousands of years. Vello makes a living from beekeeping and hunting, his life flows in the rhythm of nature.


Remek Meel
Remek Meel
Lauri Laasik, Mirjam Jegorov, Remek Meel, Riho Västrik
Lauri Õunapuu
Riho Västrik
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Estonian Ministry of Environment Special Prize

Audience Award

Best Cinematography
Jury: Great film that conveys the idea that we all belong to nature. The intimate and sensitive story also determined its visual style - no tricks or effects - that facilitated the core idea to shine through. Primeval nature and human nature in all their full beauty and toughness are effectively conveyed to the viewer.

Tallinna loomaaia Special Prize

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