Entry 22-422 | Germany | 2022 | 53’ | Language: English | Subtitles: Estonian

Superbirds - The Secret Life Of Tits

Superlinnud - tihaste salaelu

Tits are intelligent, adaptable and sometimes cheeky. They are among our best-known and most popular domestic birds. Whether in the garden, in the forest or in the city, they can be found everywhere, chirping their song from the trees. We seem to know them very well – and can’t imagine a world without tits. But what do we really know about these common birds? Much of their life remains hidden from us. Do they have everyday problems, neighborhood disputes and jealousy dramas? It's time we take a closer look at the lives of our feathered friends, because no two tits are alike!


Yann Sochaczewski, Marlen Hundertmark
Marlen Hundertmark, Yann Sochaczewski, Pavel Grekov, Boas Schwarz, Mirco Tribanek, Atte Henrikson & Max Kujala, Werner & Cissy Maritz, Mark Emery, Benoît Demarle
Mirco Tribanek
Oliver Heuss
Yann Sochaczewski
Production Company
Altay Film
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Tartu Nature House Special Prize
An award for a heartfelt, instructive and unadorned insight into the joys and sorrows of these birds dear to Estonians.

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