Entry 22-1113 | Belgium | 2022 | 56’ | Language: English Dutch | Subtitles: Estonian

Duty of Care - The Climate Trials

Hoolitsemiskohustus - kliimavaidlused kohtusaalis

"Duty of Care - The Climate Trials" is the inside story of Roger Cox, the lawyer who initiated ground-breaking legal actions against the Dutch government and oil giant Shell. The result: two landmark rulings that sent shockwaves through political offices and corporate boardrooms around the world, and led to a wave of international climate cases. This is a character-driven journey through the highs and lows of his trials, featuring a cast of creative lawyers, activists, and ordinary citizens pursuing what they see as the legal showdown of the century. Their story is set against interviews with world-leading experts on the principles of justice that can be applied to the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced.


Nic Balthazar
Pascal Poissonier, Ben Steensels, Arne Focketyn, Ant Leake, Kevin Raichl, Ingeborg Janssen, Haider Ali, Kenneth Machiels
Arne Focketeyn, Pascal Poissonier, Rob Cuypers
Nic Balthazar & Sarah Tak
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Estonian Fund for Nature Special Prize

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