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Estonia | 2019 | 28’ | Language: Estonian | Subtitles: English

Of Mosquitoes and Men

Sääskedest ja inimestest

Some of this planet's mysteries we get. It fills us with great pride and satisfaction. But how can we claim some deeper insight into the ways of the world if we don't fully understand ourselves, never mind the humble mosquito? “Of Mosquitoes and Men“ is a contemplative journey into the habitat of creatures both large and small, fathered by the Estonian nature and its fertile soil. The mosquito has assumed the role of the smallest of the living beings, and man the most important of them all. This documentary delves deep into the symbiosis between the two and into our mission on this blue sphere we call home.


Madis Ligema
Aleksandr Heifets, Taavi Arus, Atte Hendrikson, Veljo Runnel
Madis Ligema, Moonika Põdersalu
Rune Lindbaek
Madis Ligema, Aleksandr Heifets
Production Company
Davai Laama
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