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Poland | 2019 | 59’ | Language: Russian Chukchi | Subtitles: English

The Whale from Lorino

Lorino vaal

"Whale From Lorino" is a film about the descendants of the oldest of Siberian tribes on the far away land of Chukotka. For them, the yearly hunt for the endangered whale is not only a tradition, but a necessity for surviving winter in a fragile place devastated by Soviet influence. The clash of two disappearing worlds; Chukchis civilisation and the universe of monumental and majestic whales in a story about the paradox of history and a harsh fight for survival.

Original title: Wieloryb z Lorino


Maciej Cuske
Piotr Bernaś
Katarzyna Orzechowska
Piotr Jacaszek
Mikołaj Pokromski
Production Company
Pokromski Studio
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