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Finland | 2019 | 29’ | Language: Finnish | Subtitles: English

Hempman vs. the State

Kanepimees riigi vastu

“Hempman vs. the State“ is a story of a man who wants to cultivate cannabis openly and without asking for permissions. Authorities are not in favor of his endeavor, and although the fields are blooming, many obstacles stand in the way of the harvest. The film goes through a decade-long story of Finnish farmer Timo Haara’s quest to grow cannabis and its ramifications, showing us what civil disobedience and fighting against the system can do to a man.

Original title: Hamppumies vastaan valtio


Sampsa Huttunen
Sampsa Huttunen
Sampsa Huttunen
Kaapo Huttunen
Sampsa Huttunen
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Reactor Films
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