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France | 2021 | 50’ | Language: English French | Subtitles: English

Green Warriors: Cursed Uranium

Neetud uraan

We follow the uranium path from Niger to Europe to reveal the extent of the radioactive pollution created. In the Niger desert, home to some of the largest uranium reserves in the world, lies the Areva mine. Every year, Niger produces over 2,500 tons of yellow cake, a uranium concentrate, creating tons of toxic waste. Close to the mine is the village of Arlit, where radioactivity levels exceed those of the Chernobyl Prohibited Zone. Dust from the mine is carried on the winds into people’s houses, endangering their lives and killing local wildlife. From Niger, the Uranium is shipped to the Orano plant in Narbonne, France, which has become the gateway of uranium to Europe. Here it is purified before being sent on to nuclear plants, a process which again causes tons of toxic waste. Near the plant, radioactivity levels are 50 times normal and campaigners call for tighter regulation. We have taken dozens of samples from residents in both Arlit and Narbonne to learn more about uranium pollution. Our findings triggered a political debate and are now used as evidence in a lawsuit against the mining company.

Original title: Vert de Rage, L’uranium de la colère


Martin Boudot
Grégory Roudier & Mathias Denizo
Matthieu Lère
The French Kids
Luc Hermann, Paul Moreira
Production Company
Premières Lignes
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