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Austria | 2020 | 51’ | Language: English |

Nature’s Networks

Looduse võrgustikud

It is considered an essential aspect of life, deemed immensely valuable and worthy of the utmost protection by scientists - but what does the term "biodiversity" really mean? And why is it necessary? “Nature’s Networks“ presents compelling, unusual insights into the natural world, from Borneo to Brazil and from Tasmania and Kenya to the fjords of Norway. The various inhabitants of these varied habitats may appear significantly different, but they all share at least one feature. From hummingbirds to orangutans, every species has a clearly defined role in nature's complex network, a network built on a foundation of variety - or, more accurately, biodiversity.


Susanne Lummer, Andreas Ribarits
James Aldred, Luke Barnett, Christian Buameister, Oliver Deppert, Rudolf Diesel etc.
Andreas Ribarits
Jörg Magnus Pfeil, Siggi Müller
Sabine Holzer
Production Company
Terra Mater Factual Studios
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