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Austria | 2020 | 51’ | Language: English |

The Alps EP 1: The High Life

Alpid: Elu kõrgustes

This episode focuses on the warm months of the year. In the western foothills of the Alps in Italy and France, the Mediterranean flora and fauna meets the animals and plants of the alpine environment. When lizards in the low-lying olive groves begin seeking out mates in spring, the marmots are still hibernating in their burrows in the snow-covered higher elevations. In one of the deepest Alpine river canyons, Verdon Gorge, the griffon vultures have already begun to reproduce and rear their young. Meanwhile, higher up, a golden eagle continues to circle above its still-frozen realm. Eventually, the snow gives in to the ever-warming temperatures and begins to melt; the perfect moment for marmots to emerge. After six long months of hibernation, it’s a blast to stretch some legs and stock up on nutritious food, but the marmots must be careful: the golden eagles are equally hungry and never far away. Innumerous common frogs that have spent the cold season underground now re-appear and begin their courtship in the Alpine ponds and lakes. Millions of crocuses and other harbingers of spring that were biding their time now cover the slopes in a sea of colour. Spring and summer are a time for courtship, mating, feasting, giving birth and rearing offspring - for everyone who lives and thrives in this extraordinary environment. In the Alps, summer lasts just four months and is therefore extremely demanding for most wild animal species: ibex, red deer, chamois, marmots, golden eagles, ptarmigans, mountain hares, lynxes, wolves and bears have all found ways of taking full advantage of this brief time of plenty.


Otmar Penker
Otmar Penker
Otmar Penker
Manfred Plessl
Andrea Gastgeb
Production Company
A Terra Mater Factual Studios production in co-production with THIRTEEN Productions LLC, Doclights/NDR Naturfilm, France Télévisions in association with PBS, CPB und WNET supported by RTR and Carinthia Film Commission
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