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Austria | 2020 | 50’ | Language: English |

America´s Arctic - A Refuge Imperiled

Ameerika Arktika - ohustatud varjupaik

The coastal plain on the northern coast of Alaska is a unique place. For millennia it has been the summer home for huge herds of caribou and countless migratory birds. The area supports a greater variety of plant and animal life than any other protected area in the Arctic Circle. This is the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, ANWR in short. This film shows the splendor, enormous scope and indescribable beauty of this untouched land far to the north of Alaska, one of the last havens for caribou herds and polar bears. Shot over a period of four years this film offers a unique insight in the lives of the most charismatic arctic animals. But this unique paradise hides another natural treasure. Almost 8 million barrels of oil are believed to be recoverable from this part of the Arctic, most of it within an area designated as “1002”. The refuge is now under threat.


Martin Mészáros
Florian Schulz, Salomon Schulz
Christian Stoppacher
Barnaby Taylor
Tom Campion, Jörn Röver, Sabine Holzer, Walter Köhler
Production Company
A Terra Mater Factual Studios production in co-production with Campion Advocacy Fund and Doclights/NDR Naturfilm in association with Florian Schulz Productions
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