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Austria | 2020 | 50’ | Language: English |

Dehesa - Forest of the Iberian Lynx EP 2

Dehesa - ibeeria ilvese mets, osa 2

A Spanish imperial eagle flies over forests scorched by the heat. This is one of the most endangered eagle species in the world and it is exclusive to the Iberian Peninsula. Now the eagle must hunt to provide for its chicks. Rabbits are scarce these days and it will have to find other prey such as wood pigeons. Not far away, an Iberian lynx takes her cubs for a walk. They are big enough to come along as she explores new territories. Their adventure leads to a meeting with another lynx family - and a violent feud between these species. The acorns ripen, attracting hordes of cranes from Northern Europe that settle in the fields to eat them and stay for the winter. This is the most sought-after fruit of the Dehesa. Farmers bring herds of Iberian pigs here to get their fill. The shorter nights make way for new characters; this time, the spotlight shines on predators, including eagle owls and genets, that control the rodent population.


Joaquín Gutierrez Acha
Joaquín Gutierrez Acha
Joaquín Gutiérrez Acha
Victoria de la Vega
José María Morales
Production Company
Wanda Visión S.A / Terra Mater Factual Studios GmbH
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