Entry 502

Russia | 2020 | 80’ | Language: English Russian German Czech | Subtitles: English

Buromsky Island

Buromski saar

There's an island in the Southern Ocean off the coast of Antarctica. No one knows about it apart from the polar explorers who spend winter there. And their relatives. The sarcophaguses are situated right on the rocks. These are people who aren’t mentioned on the pages of geography textbooks. But without them it would be impossible to explore Antarctica. More than 60 years have passed since the first burial. During this time, the cemetery has never been renovated. Our team of 8 people went to Antarctica to complete this task for the first time.

Original title: Ostrov Buromskogo


Olga Stefanova
Olga Stefanova, Andrey Kuznecov
Olga Stefanova
Oleg Troyanovskiy
Alexander Zhukov
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Lex Film
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