Entry 2021_800

Spain | 2021 | 52’ | Language: English |

Monkeys and more. Our closest Relatives

Rohkem kui ahvid. Meie lähimad sugulased

We all know how different we are from the rest of the primates or perhaps we don’t? This film is a familiar and funny wildlife documentary. A journey around the world to find the shared traits between monkeys, apes and us. Just like humans, our wild cousins work hard and enjoy lazing around. They take care of their own and allow themselves to be cared for. They fight each and love each other, too. They teach, learn and share their knowledge. They suffer and know how to enjoy life. The maddest trip is about to begin. Will you join us?

Original title: Más que monos. Unos parientes muy cercanos


Oriol Cervera Subirats, Juan Luis Santos, Juan Antonio Rodríguez Llano
Pablo Valdivieso, Luis Miguel Ruiz
Macarena Torres
Rafael Corpa
Virginia G. Rubio
Production Company
Terra Incognita Docs
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