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Germany | 2020 | 48’ | Language: English |

Echoes of the Ice Age

Jääaja kajad

In the Southeastern-most part of Germany, rises Mount Watzmann. This mighty peak is a stone guardian of a remarkable wild region that holds tight to its secret nature. There are more secrets to reveal where the mountains disappear into the depths of Lake Königssee, a lake that holds a stark resemblance to a fjord at the coasts of the Atlantic ocean. Underwater, fossil marine creatures in limestone rock tell of an ancient seabed, buried deep then heaved skywards by battling tectonic plates. Deep grooves and gouges in the rock were left by an ice age glacier, more than one kilometer thick as it chiseled its way down the valley. Though the ice age ended 12,000 years ago, the mountains still carry echoes of that frozen past. “Echoes of the Ice Age“ is a portrait of the wildlife in this breathtaking scenery of the Berchtesgaden Alps.

Original title: Natur am Königssee
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Jan Haft
Kay Ziesenhenne, Jonas Blaha, Jonathan Wirth, Jan Haft, Tobias Friedrich
Eva Becker
Dominik Eulberg, Sebastian Schmidt
Melanie Haft
Production Company
Nautilusfilm GmbH
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