Entry 2021_222

Slovakia | 2021 | 40’ | Language: English French | Subtitles: English



The story of group of young people travelling by boat from the Canary Islands to the southern part of Senegal to bring simple water filters to the Casamance area.The visual mosaic captures life of citizens of seven local villages and shows the process of implementing the Water for Senegal project of People of Hope (civic association).The Remedy shows their successes and failures, the pitfalls and problems that accompany their journey.It shows the culture and life of local people and also points out the impact of climate change on the life of communities in the region. It discusses the effectiveness and sustainability of this project and raises a question about the community's dependence on aid development. The aim of the film is to raise awareness of the world's water problems, highlight the visible effects of climate change and inspire people to take an active part in what is happening around us.


Jakub Šipoš
Jakub Šipoš
Simona Donovalová
Maciek Tobera
Jakub Šipoš
Production Company
People of Hope
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